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ACHINO Tells The Hanger


ACHINO TELLS THE HANGER —A coat hanger with 6 functions

A coat hanger is a classic wardrobe staple that many of us already own, with a design that has changed remarkably little over the past 30 years.

What were the features of a coat hanger, and why were they originally designed?

1. Hook.

Chrome/Nickle/Golden,etc-plating hooker, rock-solid, and hard-wearing

2. Hanger finishing.

Surface coated by UV baking varnish, no discoloration or deformation due to moisture.

3. Shoulder no-slip.

A shoulder notch can prevent the clothes from slipping down, as well as for hanging the pajama/ suspender, etc.

4. Shoulder wide.

Wide shoulder design, free wrinkles or bulges.

5. Hanging underbar.

A transparent/ Serrated non-slip bar can stop the pants from slipping down effectively.

6. Little hooks.

The multifunctional hooker can hang the trouser or any other clothing or small accessories.

So next time you put on your favorite coat from the hanger, you might find yourself appreciating the hanger’s detailing from more than just its looks!

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