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Bamboo materials will be offered as an alternative choice to replace the wood products in the EU market. On 29 June 2023, the European Union Regulation on Deforestation-Free Products (EUDR) entered into force, which is groundbreaking in the fight against deforestation. It will stop products causing forest destruction from being sold in European shops and supermarkets. The impact of these rules are expected to reach far across the world: the EU is the largest single market on Earth, served by the biggest agribusiness, commodity-trading, and logging firms.

Environmental protection and sustainable development are significant to the modern fashion industry, with the same concern Achino has developed a full range of bamboo hangers for clothing brands, retailers, fashion stores, and boutiques to display a better eco-friendly image.


Our bamboo hangers are green and safe, ultra low VOCs by applying laboratory-tested water-based paints instead of traditional oil-based paint, as well as the metal fitting is with RoHS test report.

The bamboo hangers are very strong and durable, while at an affordable cost. It would help our planet to a better future by simply making a change to replace the plastic hangers with greener bamboo hangers.

Step into the green and sustainable future with ACHINO.

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