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Choose the raw material that matches your hanger expectations

Wood for hangers

Your understanding of wood is your connection with nature. There are so many wood species that Achino uses for hanger making, Ash Wood, Beech Wood, Bamboo, Birchwood, Oak wood, Cedar wood, Laminated Wood, Lotus Wood, Maple Wood, Rubberwood, etc. Let us know what is your connection. What do you like?

When selecting wood to produce high-quality wooden hangers for store displays, it’s essential to consider both aesthetics and functionality. Here’s a description of the wood that might be suitable for crafting luxurious and durable wooden hangers:

Beech Wood
Beech is a heavy, pale-colored, medium-to-hard wood used widely for chairs and stools.

Traditionally Beech Wood is a popular row material widely used for the manufacture not just of hangers,chairs, stools and tables but also for flooring.

Ash Wood

Ash wood has a light, pale color with a prominent grain pattern. It is a strong hardwood known for its resilience. Ash is often used in furniture making due to its durability and versatility.

Bamboo Wood

As you well recognize the ecological trend is conquering the today’s living style. Therefore Bamboo Products are seizing a large popularity and actually you can find a lot of items produced from Bamboo Wood. So we joined to this tendency and feel so happy to produce sturdy and exquisite Bamboo Hangers; those are naturally moisture proof and earth-friendly.

When choosing wood for your store display hangers, it’s important to consider the overall aesthetic of your store, the type of clothing or accessories you’re displaying, and the desired level of luxury. Additionally, ensure that the chosen wood is responsibly sourced to align with sustainability goals.

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