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The Unmatchable ACHINO Leather Hangers

An ultimate luxury and quality garment care solution.




Stunning Leather Finishes

What brings sophistication to your wardrobes, and the utmost care and protection for your high-class garments?

Nappa Leather Finish: one of the most luxury hanger finish in the world

We have more than your imagination. A hundreds of different tastes and styles, like Crocodile, Ostrich, Snakeskin, Leopard, Zebra, Lambskin, Litchi, Grid, Press, and Flowers, you can find the perfect match for your clothes, stores or wardrobes. These leather grains are appealing, soft to the touch, with a luxurious feel every time you interact with them.

Microfiber Finish: In addition to the real leather options, ACHINO also offers microfiber finishes. This high-class material is soft and gentle on clothing, making it another excellent choice for protecting your garments.

ACHINOR Leather Hangers are a perfect choice for those who value quality, style, and the protection of their garments. With their luxurious finishes, sturdy construction, and eco-friendly materials, these hangers are not just a practical solution but also a statement of taste and refinement.

Leather hanger

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