To be the leading producer of premium and ecologically- friendly display hangers

Our Story

We started

We started

Achino has supported the growth of retailers, apparel stores, boutiques and hotels since 2002. We’re still at it, by continually sharpening and sharing our deep industry expertise and keeping our focus on fashion, people, products, and sustainable development. We offer clothing hangers with exceptional quality and best value to fulfill your ultimate display & storage needs.

In 2002, we start our clothes hanger business from a small workshop.

We register as legal entity

We register as legal entity

In 2007, we register as legal entity and own the independent import & export license, attending and supplying clothing hangers to worldwide retailers, clothiers, apparel companies, boutiques, upscale stores etc, closely partnering with solid local distributors, wholesaler, importers and hoteliers. Our main clients are from USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Spain, Mexico and UAE.

Now we have one factory of 1.5-acresin Lipu County, with wood hanger production capacity of 6 million pcs/year by 120 workers and 5 managing staffs. We also set up a quick-response business operation center in Guilin city with 10office staff.

We are a FSC certified company

We are a FSC certified company

We are a FSC certified company since 2012, because we deeply understand the importance of sustainable development and environmental protection for mankind.



In 2020, the entire industries was affected by COVID-19 pandemic, we experienced lockdowns, order decreases, supply chain disruptions and logistics challenge. The pandemic is reminding us of the importance of social consciousness and insights when decision making. We reconsider business strategies and tactics, and turn to talent, know-how and data to help fill gaps exposed by pandemic. We adopt an eco-system mindset, rely on the support of an extensive network of suppliers, partners and customers-all working together to create value and establish much deeper bonds of trust and social responsibility. We take the pandemic as a catalyst, and dedicate to be a global hangers solutions provider.




To be the leading producer of premium and ecologically- friendly clothes hangers and who knows the clothes & fashion well, so as to bring about an easy and competitive hanger solution for discerning clients.


- Setting of new standards in the industry through innovation
- Surpassing customer’s expectations through the strictest standards
- Ensuring our wooden products exhibit superior craftsmanship
- Building strong family ties with staffs, clients and partners


We make all efforts to ensure that our client’s requirements and project deadlines are met so that they can have the peace of mind knowing that we can be always trusted in delivery.



All We Had

We are specialized in all sorts of wooden top hangers, coat hangers, pants hangers, and custom-made hangers by client’s design. Besides, the hospitality products are also in our product lines, like the wooden luggage racks, shoe horns and clothes brushes, etc.

As a FSC certified company, we are able to provide wooden hangers that comply with FSC standards from well-managed forest resources. We stock the largest selection of FSC hangers available in a variety of styles and colors to match any wardrobe.

Our unbreakable dress hangers, suit hangers, and heavy duty pants hangers are all made of heavyweight materials that are capable of safely supporting even the heaviest coats and suits.

We carry a variety of sizes, including lingerie, swimwear hangers and children’s plastic hangers , “19” suit hangers display hanger that is perfect for oversized suits, coats and dresses.

Our plastic hangers are fine molded to mimic the shape of your shoulders, providing your more delicate and expensive clothing with the proper support and structure that they need to stay protected from creasing and damage in your closet.