We are a loyal hanger designer and maker.
We are an FSC and ISO-certified hanger company.
With the powerful manufacturing capability of clothing hangers, we have been proudly serving many many clients and clothes brands around the world since the year 2007. Fast delivery, quick response, and trouble-free.


As a trustworthy OEM/ODM partner, ACHINO can handle everything about hangers. We collaborated with a top tech giant to design and produce a series of innovative hangers that seamlessly paired with their cutting-edge Smart Clothing Care System in 2018 (Hanger Patent No.30-2018-051890, Korea).

For the next decade, ACHINO holds a dream that transcends the traditional hanger concept up to a higher level, the true luxury piece, a work of art, a reflection of each brand’s own vision.

We believe Z generation likes to break boundaries, free the limitations, and explore the potential. Here ACHINO will become a truly interactive platform for hanger making, creating, and even playing.

We welcome all the brands’ designers, owners of clothing stores, home decors, etc who are interested in getting the unique hangers for their own. We shall be together to make the hangers more than hangers, beyond the basic function but to create a tangible representation of the soul of every clothing brand.