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Eco-friendly Wooden Clothes Hangers

More than ten years of experience & skillful craftsmen allow us become one-stop source for all your clothes hangers needs.

No matter if you are running business as wholesaler or retailer or distributor or clothier; you can count with personal and caring service for each purchase order.

You as Clothier will find that your daily merchandising and storage needs can be satisfied with our richly crafted and functional Wooden Clothes Hangers that not just might shine-up your display areas but also hold gently your worthy merchandise.

As well distributors, department stores, supermarkets and wholesalers might acquire the practical and commercial hangers that each home needs.

We take seriously our environmental responsibility

sustainable-forests01 (15K) So our hangers are produced with timber materials harvested from sustainable forests.

Just in this way we can offer you beautiful & eco-friendly hangers for all your needs.

Among the timber materials that we use, you can choose Ash, Beech, Bamboo, Hardwood, Laminated Wood, Lotus, Maple & Rubberwood. But of course if your company need a special ones, we will do our best for satisfying your requirements.

Also, you can count with fully support for customize any model or ask us craft your own design or model. We not just will follow strictly your requirements but bring you the right wooden hangers that certainly will fulfill your specific needs.

Our assortment of Closet & Display Hangers have the most popular models for organize your clothes and include:

  • Babies & Kids Hangers
  • Belts & Tie Hangers
  • Coat Hangers
  • Coordinated Hangers
  • Laminated Hangers
  • Pants & Skirts Hangers
  • Suit Hangers
  • Top Hangers

For more information please visit our specialized Gallery of Wooden Hangers or as well send us an email with your commentaries & requirements.

By the way we'll appreciated so much that you comment us which kind of business you have; you well know that Clothier Firms, Hoteliers, Importers, Retailers and Wholesalers have a different and unique needs.

So within more information you bring us you will count with relevant response to all your actual and further hangers needs.

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Hospitality Hangers

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