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Metal Clothing Hangers by Guilin Achino

We produce Wire Coat Hangers keeping close attention on each step of the production process for assuring you that each hanger is perfectly shaped, gentle on fabrics, slip-resistant and environmentally friendly.

Our assortment not just include the classical line of Shiny & Heavy-duty Chrome Hangers, but also foam coated hangers and PVC coated hangers too.

Boutique owners and Specialized Outlets might choose chrome hangers for display sport clothing.

As well Gyms, Hospitals & Reception Rooms can use the chrome hangers because these hangers are robust & easy to clean. Additionally can warranty the comfort and health of guests and customers.

The sleek & durable hangers for organizing garments (20K) We encourage to wholesalers and retailers to enlarge their assortment with our line of Padded Foam and PVC Metal Hangers; these wire hangers can help not just to save space on wardrobes but also keep clothes tidy and fresh. You can not drop these great options for increase your sales.

Clothier Firms can count with our Production Team not just for fully customization but also for creating and develop unique models.

For more information please visit our Gallery Metal Clothing Hangers or as well send us an email with your commentaries & requirements.

By the way we'll appreciated so much that you comment us which kind of business you have; you well know that Clothier Firms, Hoteliers, Importers, Retailers and Wholesalers have a different and unique needs.

So within more information you bring us you will count with relevant response to all your actual and further hangers needs.

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Hospitality Hangers

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