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Ultra-Slim Flocked Clothing Hangers

The Flocked Hangers are the result of a revolutionary idea for addressing the Clothes Storage at Home, these hangers bring you with a wise way not just for organizing and keep in shape many types of clothes and its accessories, but also get huge space on closets and wardrobes.

Our Collection of Velvet Flocked Hangers offer you not just many colors for meet customers tastes, but several types of hangers & accessories for helping you hang & keep in shape blouses, 2-pieces coordinates, pants & skirts, shirts, tops and other outfits with straps.

Velvet Flocked Hanger the smart way for hang your clothes (30K) Besides Flocked Hangers have as a main characteristic that the velvet cushioning is wrapped completely around the hanger and not simply on the top, it prevent the clothes for snagging & slipping-off.

Distributors, Retailers and Wholesalers will find that the Ultra Slim Flocked Hangers bring a good opportunity for enlarging sales and at the same time fulfill the consumers expectations & needs.

For choosing the models that your market needs please visit our specialized gallery of Velvet Flocked Clothing Hangers or as well send us an email with your commentaries & requirements.

By the way we'll appreciated so much that you comment us which kind of business you have; you well know that Distributors, Importers, Retailers and Wholesalers have a different and unique needs.

So within more information you bring us you will count with relevant response to all your actual and further hangers needs.

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