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Clothes Hangers by Guilin Achino

Our production lines are constantly upgraded in order to supply a wide assortment of Daily Use and Commercial Clothes Hangers.

Additionally our R & D Department and Sales Team receive intensive coaching looking forward offer you with the best personalized services.

We use renewable raw materials as well international manufacturing standards for bringing you hangers and closet accessories with excellent quality & workmanship.

Our assortment:

Wooden Hangers

These hangers are produced with natural wood and crafted with excellent workmanship. Certainly we can bring you the right ones for your specific market.

Plastic Hangers

The handy hangers that allow you not just keep organized closets & merchandising racks but also choose your favorites colors.

Padded Hangers

These hand-made hangers with elegant and soft surface that will care of your finest clothes and lingerie.

Metal Hangers

The cloth hangers with the smooth finish and sturdy design. These sleek hangers are great for activewear clothing.

Hospitality Hangers

Your special collection of versatile hangers & closet accessories richly crafted for satisfying the needs of the nowadays traveler .

Flocked Hangers

The ultra slim hangers that not just provides three times the amount of closet space but also their velvety surface prevents clothing from slipping.

Apparel Hangers

Clothier Firms & Upscale Stores love these stylized hangers. Bring us your requirements and we'll be more than happy producing the hangers that your company needs.

Apparel Hangers

Enhancing Fashion Collections (20K)

Hospitality Hangers

Wide assortment of Hangers & Accessories (27K)

Guilin Achino - Artisans

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